Managed and Branded WiFi for Vacation Rentals

TripSí WiFi is where the TripSí experience begins. TripSí WiFi is the engine that drives the TripSí Suite of Tools which includes TripSí Guest, TripSí Sweep, and TripSí Team. With multiple equipment offerings that maximize range, speed, and continuity, TripSí WiFi supports any size Vacation Rental Home and any Internet speed.

We Handle the Internet Support Calls

With our Support Desk number prominently displayed in your Vacation Rental Homes, guests will be directed to call Silicon Travels Support Team for any Internet-related technical issues. Our experienced support technicians will even call the cable company on behalf of the owner or property management company!

Capture More Emails and Highlight Your Brand

Drive more Direct Bookings with TripSí WiFi Email Capture! Once a guest connects to TripSí WiFi they will be presented with a branded splash page from which guests must enter their email address and agree to Terms & Conditions to gain full access to the WiFi.  This gives you the ability to collect the email address of all the guests in a home, not just the leaseholder. Combined with a strong email marketing strategy, this is a proven way to drive more direct bookings.

Save Time and Money with Remote Management

Our team manages all wireless networks using cloud control and can make changes or check on the network from anywhere. This reduces the trips your staff has to make to properties for WiFi issues. TripSí WiFi cloud management ensures that even when equipment is reset, it sets itself back up using the desired network setup stored on our servers.

Scheduled reporting for network credentials and status are sent regularly based on when you want them. For real-time connection monitoring, be sure to check out TripSí Sweep!

Give Your Homeowners and Guests Security

TripSí WiFi introduces a captive portal that requires all guests to agree to a customizable Terms of Use Service Agreement that helps protect the property management company, the owner, as well as the leaseholder from liabilities related to providing a public WiFi network.

With TripSí WiFi’s firewall in place, you can prevent Internet access to any malicious activity in a Vacation Rental Home. Any guest device (WebCam, baby monitor, etc.) can be added for a set time period and will be removed automatically upon departure.

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