Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide consistent, exceptional customer service and growth opportunities for employees, clients (guests, homeowners, and managers), and investors through a strategic emphasis on providing fast, affordable Internet Service Packages and Managed Wireless Networks in Vacation Rental Homes across the country.

Our History

In the Fall of 2003, Chad Taylor drove to Visual Data Systems Columbia, MD office to present Linda Kaczmarek and Paul Herman with an idea to expand his company Vacation Surfing. Vacation Surfing offered computer/Internet support for hardwired desktops in Deep Creek, MD vacation rental homes. Together, Chad & VDS threw around some ideas on how Visual Data’s existing technology in the VR space could be utilized to manage and expand the Vacation Surfing offering.

They decided the best way to move forward was using advertising and a digital branded guest book customized for individual Property Managers along with VDS’s local Outer Banks as a foundation for the expansion. VDS then expanded the existing back-end technology to allow inventory management, work order support, and billing systems. Silicon Travel was officially established in January 2004.

The initial investors included long-time industry veterans: Zachary Taylor (Past President VRMA, Co-Founder of Railey Mountain Lake Vacations), Chad Taylor (Co-Founder of Taylor Made Deep Creek Vacations), Paul Herman and Linda Kaczmarek (Co-Founders of Visual Data Systems), and Dick Davis (Property Manager, Hatteras Realty).

By Silicon Travel’s second season on the Outer Banks, we were installing and servicing 400+ Desktop PCs with dial-up modems and shortly thereafter began upgrading them to broadband Internet access. As the years passed Silicon Travel has adapted to the demands of modern wireless technology and now provides Internet Service, Streaming TV, VOIP, and/or managed WiFi Networks in over 9000+ Vacation Rentals throughout the continental United States.



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