Silicon Travel LLC is now a partnership between Linda Kaczmarek, a former owner in Visual Data Systems, and Vacation Surfing.  Vacation Surfing is a PC, Internet, TV, VoIP installation and support service firm providing Vacation Rental PCs in the Deep Creek Lake area of Western Maryland.  This unique partnership blends the tactical delivery of internet support and installation services and business leadership from a veteran who has wide industry knowledge.


To provide consistent, exceptional customer service and growth opportunities for employees, clients (guests, homeowners, and managers) and investors through strategic emphasis of providing advertising and Internet installation and ancillary support and maintenance services.


Our founders are among the industry’s most experienced in Internet and advanced technologies as applied to the Vacation Rental Industry. Silicon Travel LLC professionals have been building technology-based applications since the Web’s emergence as a viable tool for business in 1994. With incorporation of the Internet connections for advertising directly to profiled buyers, Silicon Travel LLC has built the infrastructure to allow its customer’s (managers, owners and guests) to capture additional revenue from locally and nationally committed advertisers to a targeted travelling segment.


The Silicon Travel Team

Linda Kaczmarek, Owner, President

Chad Taylor, Owner, VP

Jason Burch, Owner, Operations |

Mike Harvey, Sales Manager |

Alisa Justice, VP of Sales |

Kelly Hanig, Client Manager |

Timothy Macauley, IT/Support |

Nealy Hansford, Creative Director |

Jonathan Draper, Sales Executive, Outer Banks |

Philip Garey, Sales Executive, Outer Banks |