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With TripSí WiFi your guests will have secure, fast, and reliable WiFi for all of their wireless devices. If they experience any issues connecting, they call the Silicon Travel Support Team, not your office! Once their device is connected to the network they are funneled through a customizable Terms of Service page that reinforces your brand and captures the email address of every guest in the home.

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Provide guests with a virtual concierge that delivers important information about their stay straight to any wireless device. Once a guest connects to TripSí WiFi, they can be redirected to TripSí Guest. This customizable property and area guide does not require any additional hardware and is included with TripSí WiFi.

See your guest’s check-out status in real-time with TripSí Sweep, our WiFi occupancy alert tool. By monitoring connected devices for occupancy, Internet status, and onsite staff presence, turnover day management is a breeze.

Once entering a unit your staff’s smartphones will automatically be logged on to TripSí WiFi. With this in place, the TripSí Team dashboard will give you the ability to monitor your staff’s locations and efficiency throughout the day.




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