TripSí Team by Silicon Travel

Monitor Your Staff’s Location and Efficiency Throughout Your Network of Vacation Homes

TripSí Team is an operational tool that gives managers a bird’s-eye view of their team in the field. Silicon Travel will work with you to set up a private employee network that is available in your office and every TripSí WiFi-supported unit. With the TripSí Team infrastructure, your staff can move from home to home and seamlessly stay connected to your TripSí WiFi network. One-time device registration to an employee network is all it takes!  

You can access your TripSí Team Dashboard from anywhere. In it, you will find a map that shows you in real-time all of your employees that are in one of your units and how long they have been there. You will also be able to pull analytics to see time on-site and staff departure allowing you to reward a job well done as well as identify areas in need of improvement in their performance.

Pair TripSí Sweep and Team together for a birds-eye view of your daily operations!

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