Silicon Travel is a Vacation Industry Leader in Wireless Internet Service and Support.

With 15+ years of experience in vacation technology, Silicon Travel offers Wireless Internet Service throughout any rental home, regardless of size or available space. Our service also includes help desk assistance and on-site technical support that has become our hallmark.

Silicon Travel now offers more Internet Service options for your vacation property.

Standard Internet
DSL Connection**
Up to 30MB Wireless Speeds
No Data Caps
Stream Videos and Music
Check Email, Upload & Share on Social Media
Play Games Online
FREE On-Site Service Calls
FREE Customer Support
SpeedPlus+ Internet
Cable Connection**
Up to 100MB Wireless Speeds
No Data Caps
HD Video Streaming
Increased Upload & Download Speeds for Premium Online Experience
Max Online Gaming Performance
FREE On-Site Service Calls
FREE Customer Support
Silicon VOIP Phone
Requires Internet Connection
Unlimited Local and Long Distance
No Phone Company Surcharges
Keep Existing Number
Caller ID, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding
FREE Toll Call Blocking
FREE Local 911 Routing
FREE Customer Support

Standard Internet:

Silicon Travel’s  Standard Package, with up 30MB wireless speeds (based on location and availability), gives your guests a high level of connectivity and downloading at a lower price tag. Our Standard package uses a **DSL connection. This is a static internet service provided through the phone lines or 4 pair cat5e. DSL may offer slower speeds, but it is a static connection that goes directly back to the server. This means you don’t share your connection and the speed is guaranteed.

SpeedPlus+ Internet:

Our SpeedPlus+ Package offers up to 100MB wireless speeds (based on location and availability) with a Cable connection, allowing for faster internet browsing, uninterrupted video streaming, and increased download speeds for your rental properties. Our SpeedPlus+ package is a dynamic internet service provided through Coax Cable. **Cable generally offers higher speeds, but can only guarantee “up to” a certain speed, as it is a dynamic service that is shared and not static to the customer.

We suggest you upgrade to SpeedPlus+ if your property meets any of the following criteria:

  • You do not have standard TV service (ex. Cable, Satellite, Direct TV) and offer only online video service
  • Your house has more than 6+ bedrooms or accommodates more than 12+ people
  • Your property is located in an area where DSL is not available

Silicon Travel Internet Packages Include:

  • Modem and Router Installation with Service Testing
  • No Equipment Lease and Free Equipment Replacement
  • Secured Wireless “N” Connection
  • Faster WiFi Connection for Wireless Streaming
  • Complimentary Vacation Attendant Concierge Site
  • Free Service and Help Desk Support 7 days a week

Silicon Travel Additional Service Fees May Include:

  • $60 one-time installation and set-up fee for all new customers
  • $100 set-up fee for repeaters/range extenders by request
  • $85 new line installation fee