Vacation Homeowners Guide to Silicon Travel WiFi

Keeping Up with the Wifi!

At Silicon Travel we understand the Vacation Rental Industry is changing at a momentous pace. Especially in these current times, you and your renters are depending on reliable Internet services to accommodate the changing work/school/life balance, all from the deck of your vacation home.

Not to mention the Outer Banks real estate market has had a record season, so you may have recently bought or sold a vacation property.

During these shifting tides in our industry, Silicon Travel wants to make sure you have all the necessary info to better serve you and your renters with the most reliable and affordable Vacation WiFi on the beach.

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Transferring WiFi Service

If you have recently bought or sold a vacation property, we hope that you will continue to use Silicon Travel Internet Services. We’re here to make any transitions in service as smooth as possible! It’s a simple process to sign up a new property or transfer Internet service to new owners.

Please reference our services page for current info on 2021 WiFi Speeds and Pricing.

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Service Cancellation

In the event that you need to cancel service, we ask that they fill out a cancellation form and return all Silicon Travel equipment. 

Please review our cancellation procedures for more info.

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