TripSí WiFi + The Cabin Rental Store = 100% Coverage

The Client
  • Owns/Manages 4 Event-Style Luxury Vacation Rentals
  • Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge Market
  • Each Luxury Rental has 11-14 Bedrooms – Accommodating 24-44 Guests
The Pain

The Cabin Rental Store has 4 Luxury Mansion Vacation Rentals that are located approximately 30 minutes away from the office and in two different directions. Access to the existing wireless network was not available throughout an average of 55% of 3 homes. When access was available it was slow,  inconsistent and users experienced service interruptions/’drops’ as they moved through the home. The Cabin Rental Store was finding that a lot of time and resources were being devoted to maintaining and supporting these technical issues. This was affecting their guest’s experiences and bottom line.

The Resolution

A Silicon Travel Network Technician went into each home and either replaced or built off of the existing equipment to redesign the network configuration.  TripSí WiFi was installed and signage was placed in the home with instructions on how to log on to the WiFi. This signage also included contact information directing guests to call Silicon Travel for Internet support.

The Promised Land

The networks in all 3 homes increased to 100% coverage.  No drops were experienced as the technician walked through the home on various devices and the speed of all three networks increased significantly. Guests in the home are now much happier with the connectivity overall and call Silicon Travel with any issues they are experiencing. The Cabin Rental Store staff now spends less time driving around resolving technical issues and answering support calls and more time driving in more revenue.

With TripSí WiFi and TripSí Guest installed on the networks in their homes The Cabin Rental Store has:

  • Started collecting the email address of every guest in the home
  • Reinforced their brand
  • Provided the guest with a virtual property and area guide
  • Cut down on the number of maintenance-related calls to their office
  • Added a level of liability protection from illegal internet activity by guests

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