Play Like A Local

Whether you prefer the thrills of surfing the waves or quiet morning beach strolls, the Outer Banks beaches provide an outlet for visitors of all kinds. 

play it smart

We are known for our miles of pristine beaches which most visitors dream about plopping down in the sand with a good book, a cold beverage and a gentle breeze. To enjoy your week to the fullest the preparation starts in your beach home- be sure to apply a generous layer of sunscreen 30 minutes before even leaving your door to ensure you don’t end up with the tale tell tourist lobster look. No one likes a redneck of that sort! Pack up your cooler with your favorite beverages, and a trash bag, but be sure to include a generous amount of water! The summer swelter creeps up in the form of both sunburn and dehydration. Throw on your flip flops – there is nothing worse than scorching pavement and sand on virgin city feet- and head to your nearest crosswalk to access our wide beaches. Do not make the mistake of dashing across at any point, too many accidents occur as drivers get distracted by the gorgeous ocean and using a crosswalk is the best way to ensure your families safety! We want you to come back year after year. 

play it cool

Once you are on the beach, it is now time to pick your perfect spot to post up for the day. Be conscientious of your fellow beach goers – if you drop your chairs, coolers, football, beach tent, portable blender, boombox, blow-up poop emoji float and volleyball net close enough to the lone beachgoer relaxing solo on a towel to hear their gentle snores- you are too close. Being respectful of everyone’s beach space is the best way to get along with the locals. Give a good 20 ft berth from your nearby beach-goer to ensure everyone enjoys his or her time in the sand. 

play it safe

Set up your camp, take a deep breath, and enjoy the scenery. If you have inexperienced swimmers, try to position yourselves near a lifeguard stand but keep a close watch on them yourself as rip currents can appear quickly. If you find yourself or a family member caught in a rip, don’t panic! Do not swim directly towards the shore against the current, as you will tire yourself out- swim sideways or parallel to the shoreline until you have made it safely out of the strong current and then slowly make your way to shore. 

Leave It Like You Found It

As you are packing up to leave for the evening, be sure to break down your pop-up tents, game netting and chairs. Even if you plan to use the same space the next day, it’s illegal to leave them up to hold your space as our local wildlife can get caught in them and they pose a threat to unsuspecting sleepwalkers. The towns will send their night ninjas to confiscate them if you do not heed my warning and then you will be stuck with your butt in the sand, literally the next day. The same goes for your trash- use that trash bag to collect your litter and dispose of it at one of the nearby and easily accessible trash cans. Nobody hates a dirty beach more than the locals. 

Say hello to the folks beside you. Make conversation. Share a beer. Enjoy your membership to the summer crew- we are so glad you are here! 

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