Upgrade to Faster Speeds

We know your guests are becoming more and more tech savy and demanding greater bandwidth for Internet services. Silicon Travel’s newest package, SpeedPlus+, offers Faster Browsing, Streaming and Downloading for an overall improved online experience.

Now for a limited time, you can upgrade to SpeedPlus+ for only $57/month.

We’re here to help you choose the best option for your property. Please note SpeedPlus+ may not be available in all areas.
Contact Customer Service at 800.459.2256 or

Silicon Standard Internet
DSL Connection*
Up to 25MB Wireless Speeds
No Data Caps
Stream Videos and Music
Check Email, Upload & Share on Social Media
Play Games Online
FREE On-Site Service Calls
FREE Customer Support
Silicon SpeedPlus+ Internet
Cable Connection*
Up to 60MB Wireless Speeds
No Data Caps
HD Video Streaming
Increased Upload & Download Speeds for Premium Online Experience
Max Online Gaming Performance
FREE On-Site Service Calls
FREE Customer Support
Silicon VOIP Phone
Requires Internet Connection
Unlimited Local and Long Distance
No Phone Company Surcharges
Keep Existing Number*
Caller ID, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding
FREE Toll Call Blocking
FREE Local 911 Routing
FREE Customer Support

Silicon SpeedPlus+

*Our SpeedPlus+ package uses a cable connection. This is a dynamic internet service provided through Coax Cable. Cable generally offers higher speeds, but can only guarantee “up to” a certain speed (100MB for our service), as it is a dynamic service that is shared and not static to the customer.

We suggest you upgrade to SpeedPlus+ if your property meets any of the following criteria:

  • You do not have standard TV service (ex. Cable, Satellite, Direct TV) and offer only online video service
  • Your house is more than 8+ bedrooms or accommodates more than 20+ people
  • Your property is located in an area where DSL is not available 

Silicon Standard

*Our Standard package uses a DSL connection. This is a static internet service provided through the phone lines or 4 pair cat5e. DSL may offer slower speeds, up to 30MB for our service, but it is a static connection that goes directly back to the server. This means you don’t share your connection and the speed is guaranteed.