New Monitoring Tools for Property Managers

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Silicon Travel is constantly working to better our service, broaden our products and keep up with the fast and forever changing landscape of the vacation rental industry.

Just recently we added two new products to our portfolio of Property Manager tools. Our FlyBy Status Checker and Good Neighbor Occupancy Alert are new tools that help managers better monitor the status of their properties and guests through Internet queues.

  • Quickly check the occupancy status of a home on check-in/check-out days.
  • Easily monitor the status of each home in real time with our at-a-glance interface.
  • Turn over your properties faster and more efficiently for check-in.
  • Group homes together for specific housekeeping needs.

  • Actively monitor number of devices within range of the wireless network.
  • Real-time monitoring of device signals to alarm for potential over occupancy.
  • Customize your occupancy threshold per property to accurately detect over occupancy.
  • Trigger over occupancy warnings when number of devices spike in range of the network.

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