Keeping Your Signal Strong During this Uncertain Time

A Message About COVID-19 Protocols.

Updated 4/22/2020: Silicon Travel wants to assure Owners, Managers and Guests (once they return to their vacation-as-planned) that we are taking every precaution to maintain a safe working environment as well as an efficient operating system to keep everyone safe and online during this uncertain time of COVID-19.

Please know we have implemented the following:

  • Silicon Travel Support Hours have been extended to 8 P.M. EST, 7 days a week
  • Silicon Travel Technicians have been supplied with masks, gloves and sanitizing supplies and will take the utmost precautions while handling all equipment.
  • Onsite Service Orders and New Installations: Silicon Travel employees are not permitted inside any vacation rental home or unit that has not been vacant for more than 5 days. We will make every effort to resolve all issues from outside the property. Some unconventional methods such as running a temporary line through a window or door may have to be utilized. Once the property has been vacated for 5 days, we will coordinate with the property manager to rectify the temporary solution up to original company standards.
  • Equipment Failure: Silicon Travel will make every effort to proactively replace all faulty equipment. In the event the property is occupied, Silicon Travel will deliver new equipment to the property. Tenants/Owners can reach out to our technical support staff by phone (800) 459-2256 or email for instructions on removal of faulty equipment and installation of new equipment, if required. Faulty equipment can remain in the home until after the property has been vacated. Silicon Travel will coordinate with the property manager to remove faulty equipment 5 days after the property was vacated.

It is our goal to keep everyone online and safe at this time.

If you have any questions on this please feel free to reach out to our team at

Thank you for your support!